Methana volcano

Price 20.00
On our hiking trail we will experience breathtaking views of the Saronic Gulf (Aegina, Agistri, Poros) and far views of Athens and Piraeus. The Peninsula of Methana has 30 craters and the one we are hiking on is the most evident. The paths along the way offer a unique combination of nature ‘works’ including beautiful lava landscapes. When we reach the top, we have the option to enter a cave of approx. 20 m high. Photos inside the cave are a must-do as the reflection of light creates unique scenery.

Extra information:

  • Location: Methana Volcano
  • Type of terrain: 95% gravel
  • Distance: 4,5 km
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Sightseeing: Volcano of Methana, view of Saronic Gulf
  • Group: 2-7 people
  • Special prices for groups